Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sample EFT Script for Big FAT Parties and Gatherings!

Ahhhhh, social eating…what better time to gorge on food than a good reason to use it as a way of celebrating? Every Thanksgiving, a family dishes out a spread of roasted turkey, side dishes, and desserts. Also, many a caterer would serve a huge spread of finest foods and a big, fondant-covered cake for a friend’s wedding. Oh, and some mother out there gives children and adults alike cake and ice cream during a kids birthday party.

Well, what do Christmas Eve soirees, wedding receptions at super-expensive hotels, and of course, company picnics have in common? They all have huge spreads of food, and most of them can derail your weight loss goals.

With foods spread out on monster buffets like Thanksgiving dinners and Sunday brunches, it’s easy to gain pounds that way. That is especially true if you are a fast eater or have had memories of someone watching you eat each bite and criticize your weight at the same time.

Well, there are great ways to stop yourself from pigging out: choose nutritious dishes, step away from the buffet, have a filling snack of protein/good fats/fiber, and sip a glass of water. It’s a good idea to plan ahead of the event, but my sample EFT script would do just the trick.

If you are faced with an upcoming event that you strongly associate with food, be it a Thanksgiving meal or a corporate banquet, try some EFT tapping before the event. (You can do this twice each day and hours before it if you wish.) You can use your own words to fit the mood and time.

Setup I

Even though I am going to pig out and go overboard with all that food, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and that’s OK!

Even though I feel that the event is the right time to shove all that delicious food in my face, it’s OK to accept the feeling and I deeply love and honor myself anyway.

Even though I’m going to eat all that food and eat till I gain a ton and I feel like not giving those foods up, I consciously and profoundly love and accept myself.

Negative Reminder Phrases I

Look at all that food!
Those dishes are so delicious!
It’s impossible to lose weight with all that food!
I just can’t wait to eat it all!
I know I shouldn’t do this!
I know I will gain weight…
But the spread is so wide!
It’s so wide that I can stuff it all in my face!
Those foods really look delicious!
My mouth is watering!
The foods look very appetizing!
It’s impossible to lose weight with all that delicious food!
But I can’t help it!
I can’t help but dive into each and every dish!
I really can’t help it if I take big portions of everything!
I’m itching for a meal with all that food right now!

Take a deep breath and think back to why you want to overindulge in the first place. Maybe you are a fast eater. Or maybe it’s because some relative who wants you to be thin monitored what you put in your plate. She wants you to be thin, and you fear that pigging out can make you a failure to her. Rate how you past experiences affected the way you eat at gatherings from 0-10. Once done, here’s another example round for you.

Setup II

Even though (relative) wants me to be thin and I fear that I would overeat in front of her, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Even though she wants me at a perfect weight and I have to eat less just to impress her, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and choose to accept who I am.

Even though she watches every food and every bite I eat, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Negative Reminder Phrases II

She’s always on me!
(Relative) is on my back every party!
I have to eat so little just to impress her!
I am on a diet!
I have to weigh at a perfect weight!
I really want to please her!
She’s a perfectionist!
But I can’t help myself because the food is so good!
I can’t have seconds anymore!
I can’t have what I wanted to eat anymore!
She’s always on my back all the time!
She snitches on me when I eat too much!
She’s always a perfectionist!
She always admonishes me to watch my weight every single day!
I can’t enjoy eating at parties anymore!
I can’t enjoy eating with (relative) around!

Take a deep breath and continue tapping on the positive statements.

Positive Reminder Phrases

It’s OK to have those feelings.
All those thoughts of overeating are parts of me.
I choose to release them.
I choose to pick out what is healthy…
But I also choose little bits of what I wanted to eat…
I’m not depriving myself of anything.
I can be satisfied with what I have on my plate.
I enjoy the food on my plate.
I not only control what I eat…
But I also control how to eat it…
I savor every aspect of the meal…
I feel satisfied and happy.
I choose to have a bit of what I want to eat.
I choose to let my negative feelings go.
I decide to nourished and satisfied with food.
I am in complete control of myself.

If you have done the second round, tap on the following phrases.

Positive Reminder Phrases II

I don’t care what anyone says about me.
I accept who I am!
I am wonderful, no matter my size or weight!
I feel good, regardless of how I weigh!
I won’t let (relative) stop me from living my life!
Nobody is perfect!
I know that everybody makes mistakes!
I accept my body!
It doesn’t matter how much I weigh!
It doesn’t matter how heavy I am!
I choose to accept myself, whether I’m fat or not!
(Relative) will not stop me from enjoying the party!
I’m not bothered by her snide remarks and comments!
I won’t let her words and eyes bother me!
I accept who I am!
I love myself no matter what!

Take a deep breath and reassess your level of pain. Tap on the problem more if it hasn’t come down from 0-1.

Here's another sample script!

Anyways, enjoy your gatherings!

(Oh, and one MTT site has some samples of reminder phrases and setup affirmations on social eating. It's specific to the holidays, but you can apply it to any event you know where there will be lots of food.)

Monday, November 15, 2010

EFT Script #1: You, as Fast Eaters!

How many times did your mothers tell you to slow down and chew your food? A lot of us heard those admonishing words. She even yelled at us to do so and we feel as if we are controlled like puppets.

Well, Mama knows best - slow down and chew your food.

Here are good reasons to do so, and one of them is because it makes you eat less and feel a lot fuller. That translates to less calories taken in and a big ability to lose weight.

But if you can't help yourself eating quickly, there are some ways to teach yourself the right eating pace. One of them is a computerized device in which you put your plate and dish your food on it. It tells you how fast or slow you are actually eating. But those gimmicks are so expensive - there's got to be a better way.

Who needs pricey gadgets like this when you can retrain yourself to pace eating with EFT?

Thus, I give you a sample EFT script to play the EFT Tapping Game! Feel free to alter any setup affirmations and/or reminder phrases!

Even though I eat too fast and never seem to be full, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway and that's who I am.

Even though I just can't help myself eating so fast, it's OK to have that personality and I choose to change it.

Even though I can't help myself eating fast and I don't know how to eat slower, that's fine - I choose to change my feelings and personalities and teach myself to eat properly.
Negative Reminder Phrases
I can't eat slowly...
I eat way too fast...
It's who I am...
There are times when people told me to eat slowly...
My mother told me to eat slowly...
But I can't help myself...
My eating speed is out of control...
I prefer to eat fast than at a slow pace...
What's the use in eating slowly...
Eating slowly makes me late for everything...
I enjoy less of everything else when I chew my food thoroughly...
Eating fast is just who I am...
I have to accept the fact that I eat fast...
I prefer to rush over meals than to eat to make me miss out a lot...
It's more convenient to eat fast...
And I can't help myself!
 Positive Reminder Phrases
I choose to release my feelings...
I choose to eat slowly...
Eating slowly ensures I'm digesting my food correctly...
Eating slowly helps get me to the figure I want...
I love the feeling of food in my mouth...
I feel and sense the texture of each morsel...
My teeth are chewing it thoroughly...
I appreciate the taste with every morsel...
I appreciate each flavor and sensation with each bite...
I enjoy each bite more and more...
I have time for other things when I eat at a leisurely pace...
I appreciate eating slowly more and more...
I feel more satisfied and fuller when I eat slowly...
I appreciate each aspect of what I eat at a leisurely pace...
I choose to let go of my old habits of eating fast...
I choose to eat more slowly...
After a few rounds, you may notice that you are looking forward to tossing your fast eating habits out of the window and  to eat more slowly.


Friday, November 12, 2010

EFT Tapping for Fast Eaters

How many of you are fast eaters: rushing down food and never stopping to savor the textures, flavors, and all that? How many zip through meals? How many eat so quickly that you feel that you’re never full? Well, most of us do, sadly.

Eating too fast is as horrible as eating too much. Why? The hormones measuring hunger intensity, peptide-1 and peptide YY, respond less in hare-speed eaters. That means that they eat more but never feel full. Eating more means more calories and more pounds plopped on you!

But what if you eat slowly? Doing so stimulates the hormones more, responding more effectively. They carry out stronger brain signals that tell you when you are satisfied or full. A Greek study showed that men who ate ice cream in half-an-hour felt fuller than those who did in five minutes. A Japanese study showed that those who ate at that slow pace consumed less calories at mealtime. Doing so can help you digest food more correctly.

But here's the kicker of slow eating: self-control. Simply savoring something you simply can't resist to eat slowly can help you feel full and satisfied. It gives you complete control of how much you eat, providing it's in the right portions.

Gus, you sure have learned your lesson. Next time, try EFT!

But there are some people who can't help themselves eating on the fast lane. No matter how health experts, nutritionists, and their parents admonish them to eat slower, they prefer eating at their speed. So how do they train themselves to eat slower?

Believe it or not, there are advices that train people to eat slower. One of them has a computer attached to a plate that tells them to slow down while eating. But buying that device screams "expensive" in their faces. With all that said, what can they do to slacken their eating pace?

The answer is pure and simple: play the EFT Tapping Game.

If you happen to be a fast eater, close your eyes and think about your situation at hand. Do you find speed eating a pleasure? Do you feel satisfied by eating monster portions, despite feeling hungrier? Also, look at the deep roots of your problem. Did your mother yell and chastise you to eat slower? Did she scold you on your weight, thus rushing eating in secrecy?

Rate the level of emotional pain from 1-10. If it's 8-10, do the setup. Here are some examples:
Even though my mother calls me 'fat' because I eat too fast and she scolds me for doing that, I deeply, completely, and consciously love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I can't help but eat fast and in large portions, I completely and consciously love and accept myself and choose to eat slower.

Even though I always eat fast, my mother calls me a fat goat, and I just can't help myself, I profoundly and consciously love and accept myself and choose to slow down when eating.
Next, tap a round or two of negative reminder phrases, one on each point (eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, under the mouth, collarbone, under the arm, and top of the head, in that order). Think deep about the problem as you tap.* Here are some more examples:
My mother calls me fat...
I can't help myself eating fast...
I'm always a fast eater...
I'll never get full until I gulp down huge portions of food...
Next, tap another few rounds on positive reminder points. While doing this, thoroughly visualize yourself resolving that problem.* Examples include:
I love myself just the way I am..
I choose to eat slower...
I pledge to savor every aspect of each bite...
I imagine my tongue and walls of my mouth caressing the textures of food...
My teeth are chewing the food slowly...
I imagine myself chewing the food thoroughly and leisurely...
My mother would be happy if I savor my food...
She would be happier if I eat slowly...
I eat my food slowly more and more...
Rate your intensity again, If you feel that you are not at the level you want to be, tap the setup on the remaining intensity of the problem and so more rounds of tapping (negative, then positive).

To lose weight, one of the most important things to do is to eat small portions slowly. Using EFT for weight loss can help the fastest and fattest eaters to retrain themselves to savor and linger over food more and more.

*Do this on all EFT sessions!

Remember, teach yourself to slow down when eating! EFT can help you with this!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What the Heck is EFT (and How to Use it to Lose Weight)?

I first used EFT (that’s Emotional Freedom Technique) when I had pain in my left gum. I stumbled across one woman’s story on one website how she numbed the same pain by tapping on her body parts. I thought to myself, Hey, let’s give it a shot, shall we? The method worked wonderfully!

Thus, I decided to pass the method to you, the readers (most of whom want to lose those spare tires). When used effectively, EFT can override or break down those emotional blocks that contribute to disease and other bad stuff in your body. Those emotional blocks include memories of your mother constantly spanking you as a child, domestic abuse, or a recent death in the family or friendship circle. It works like acupuncture, without the needles, because you are targeting those “energy meridians” on your body.

But the specific emotional blocks are the lack of willpower to lose weight, the emotional disability to lose weight, and the lack of motivation to lose weight. They keep you from eating the right foods (such as plenty of fruits, vegetables, legumes, lean poultry, fatty fish, and whole flutin’ grains). Thus, you reach for that jelly-filled Berliner (a German donut) instead of an apple. Also, they keep you from exercising, thus you slouch and watch a marathon of television shows.

Learning the EFT tapping game is pretty simple, but first, let’s get onto the setup.

Setting Up

First of all, think of what’s troubling you. It can be a craving for a particular foodstuff that has minimal nutritional value (like milk chocolate). Or, it can be that feeling of tiredness that keeps you from exercising. Then, rate the intensity of your problem from 1-10, with 10 as the most troubling.

Next, locate your Karate Chop point (Some people want to rub their “sore spot,” but for simplicity, I’m using the Karate Chop point.) and start the “set up.” There are two types of doing the setup.

1.      Tap the spot while saying the statement three times (Example: “Even if that boy in the hallway at school calls me ‘fat,’ I deeply and completely love and accept myself.)
2.      Tap that spot while saying three affirming statements. (Example: “Even though my mother calls me fat…even though she padlocks the fridge because she thinks I’m eating too much…even though I feel that I’m on a ‘diet…’”)

Make sure you start each statement with “Even though…” and an affirming phrase, with emphasis. A simple “I deeply and completely accept myself" would suffice.

The Karate Chop Point
The Sequence

Next, tap on the spots in order: eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, under the mouth, collarbone, under the arm, and top of the head. Assign a reminder phrase for each point. You can use the same reminder phrase on each point, and that’s fine. Start with the negative phrases first. Next, do another round of tapping those points. This time, say the positive reminder phrases while doing this.

The Sequence (I Numbered them for Reference)

Not Feeling Better?

Reassess your level of intensity. If it comes down to 0, that’s great! If it comes down quite a bit, do the set up addressing the remaining magnitude of your problem and tap additional rounds of reminder phrases (negative to positive). Then reassess again.

I know that you feel that EFT is not for everyone, but try it - it may work for you. If you are really emotionally troubled, seek a therapist before trying.

The Top 3 Hurdles that Hold People Back from Water Parks

Water parks entertain people of all ages – from the smallest kids to the thrill seekers. They include the most fun forts with tipping buckets and geysers and the most thrilling slides around. Guests can sunbathe under the sun or just chill on lazy rivers.

But not everyone thinks of a day to be perfect for an outing to the water park. It can be as hindering as a sick kid. Also, the wrong weather can hold them back. Worst of all, many people concerned about their body image are too afraid to expose themselves. So what keeps people from slip-sliding into watery fun?

#3: Someone Is Sick. Period.

Imagine that you and your family are heading to the local water park on your vacation (or staycation). You anticipate a fun-filled day of sliding the tallest slides and just splashing. Suddenly, your child becomes sick, and you straddle yourself between having to go without him or hunkering down at your hotel or home.

Well, we all know that contagious diseases can spread easily, but putting people with the contagious disease in the water is even worse. It’s even worse with diarrhea because fecal matter can spread easily. If you happen to have diarrhea, you might want to reconsider sliding down The Plunger.

#2: The Weather is Nasty!

Nasty weather is sure to wreck everyone’s days. In the outdoor water parks, the ideal day would be a non-rainy, warm day. But if it’s rainy or cold outside, people have to stay home. It’s even worse with thunderstorms, because water conducts electricity.

I took this when Blizzard Beach closed due to a thunderstorm (image by my flickr account).
A lot of us love indoor water parks because it’s weatherproof and tolerable to even cold days. But going there when frequent lightning expects to strike your area is just as bad as doing so in outdoor ones. You wouldn’t take a bath or shower during a lightning storm, so why go to a water park when the weather is that nasty?

#1: You Are FAT! (and You Feel Bad About It!)

In my point of view, the biggest hurdle that keeps people from going to water parks is their weight. I’m not regarding BMI, but their girths and lower body downs them because either one of their body parts or a combination of them is too big.

Keep in mind that they require swimsuits, and wearing them makes most of them look less confident in themselves. That’s especially true with many fat women, who have to wear swim skirts to conceal their hips and thighs as opposed to the bikinis thinner ones wear. It’s even worse if they go to the indoor ones, especially in water resorts in cold climates.

There are some rides that require you to ride shirtless, and most fat people (especially men) have to deal with that. Dress codes aside, the stairwells that take you to the slides are typically trying. One who is obese typically gets short of breath easily when he climbs those stairs. Also, the slides may be too narrow for them and some of them end up in a splashdown pool. To quote a fat acceptance advocate:

Once at the bottom of the slide the individual has so much momentum that they are plunged so far and so deep into the exit pool that, with the limited lung capacity that the amount of time spent underwater can be life threatening.

Also, keep in mind that a majority of water parks have tube/raft slides. Many of them post rules dictating weight and do not allow single-riders (especially on double-tubes). Thus, they sit depressingly near the wave pool, gorging on hot dogs and other high-caloric fare.

Poor lady...

So what’s worse than someone with diarrhea keeping you from raft rides? What’s even worse than July thunderstorms fraught with so much lightning that you can’t even go to an indoor water park? To me, it’s how people feel about their weight. Regarding that hurdle, they use their experiences at the parks and/or pictures of them to motivate themselves to lose weight.

So, what’s holding you back from water parks?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Defining Water Parks

How many of you have been to a water park before? If you haven’t because you live too far from it, think it’s expensive, or fear that you are too fat for it, you are missing out.

Simply put, a water park is like a (safely) flooded hybrid of a playground and amusement/theme park or a fun fair. A playground has jungle gyms and slides, while an amusement park has a lot of rides to offer. So, if engineers mash them up and just add water, they create a water park.

To Cut History Short

So, how did the first water parks come about? Well, one of the first of its kind (although non-existent nowadays), was River Country, at the Walt Disney World Resort. Initially it was to be a feature for Fort Wilderness Resort, but it was one of the first themed water parks in the world.

One of the first surviving water parks came to the scene in Orlando, Florida, miles from Walt Disney World. That one in question was Wet ‘n Wild, founded by the late, great George Millay (the father of the water park). Many considered it to be the first official water park of the United States, and it paved the way for the growth of them. On the indoor water park side, the first one of the type opened in 1985 as World Waterpark in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada.

Safety rule-breaking aside, this was filmed at the first indoor water park, World Waterpark!

Nowadays, there are many hundreds of water parks, including aquatic centers and pools with water park features.

I took this from Blizzard Beach, a water park at the Walt Disney World Resort. (image from my flickr pics)

The Features

Features vary from water park to water park, whether in the forms of hotel extensions, stand-alone parks, or aquatic centers. Some parks have a gentler lazy river, while some others have the more feisty torrent or “adventure” river.

But all of them have something in common: slides. They range from the smallest slides in a zero-depth play area to the largest ones that drop you almost straight down. A lot of them have raft slides, water coasters, inner-tube slides, and what not.

Indoor versus Outdoor

Most of the popular water parks in the United States, if not the world, are outdoor water parks. Open spaces of no walls to contend with allow bigger slides like “tornadoes” and bowls to be erected. Their play areas for children are more or less huge, with a variety of slides, geysers, water tinkering toys, and a huge bucket waiting to dump gallons on unexpected patrons.

Although on a more or less smaller scale than their outdoor cousins, indoor water parks offer great advantages. One of them is the advantage of temperature and weather. If rain or bitter cold keeps patrons away from the normal, open-air ones, they can come into an enclosed space and still enjoy the slides with reckless abandon.

As Extensions of Resorts

Water parks are not just stand-alone fun places, they can be extensions of resort hotels, known in the forms of water resorts or water park resorts. Many resorts like CoCo Cay, Great Wolf Lodge, Massanutten (in Virginia), and Kalahari feature them (mainly indoors) as their main amenities.

But they offer a great advantage: most of them let their guests in for free! If they are staying at one of them, they don’t really need to pay extra admission to go to a separate one. All they need to do is to walk to the area where it’s located and have fun. For example, if a family of four stays at CoCo Cay in Orlando and want a day off from the parks, they can come to their indoor and outdoor water parks!

Are you hunkering for a water park fix? Search for those near your area at www.waterparks.com! Whether the weather its hot or cold, you can even scout out the closest indoor type to home!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Top 3 Weight Loss Motivators

People lose weight for a lot of good reasons. They want to beat the odds of their family history of cardiovascular diseases. They want to fit in their form-fitting bottoms they desire to wear. They want to shape up so they won’t be either fat boys or girls at their friends’ weddings.

Since there are too many reasons to list, here are my top 3 weight loss motivators.

#3: The Amusement/Theme/Water Park

Imagine that you are going to that roller coaster you intend to go to in an amusement park. You sit down, but you find that the lap bars don’t fit you. Despite help from attendants, you leave the ride, feeling sorry for yourself and gorging on churros for comfort.

The same is true with water parks. You go to a water slide, but find that the lifeguards escort you because you weigh more than the maximum for your tube. You lounge depressingly near the wave pool, eating a monster funnel cake to make up for the hurt.

In an amusement or theme park, almost anything goes in clothing, especially if it’s open year round. But the water park requires a different set of garments altogether. A visitor has to wear a bathing suit, preferably shirtless. In fact, most rides require you to go shirtless. That’s problematic for most people who are highly overweight or obese.

Most people who experienced the same scenarios played over and over again each year use their experiences to just get off their couches or eat huge amounts of greens. One person did just that for a highly popular ride at a theme park in Orlando, Florida (before having "modified seating" on it).

What if that sign only applies to fat Muggles riding Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey? (I took this before Universal's Islands of Adventure installed modified seating!)

#2: The Staycation/Full Vacation

Staycations are just vacations at home, right? Well, I beg to differ – they can include local places too. But how are they problematic for obese people? Staycations depend on locations of their residences, and it’s even worse if they live near a public beach or an aforementioned amusement, water, or theme park. (That’s because they either have to wear bathing suits or squeeze into tight places.)

But full vacations are just as worse, especially if locations happen to be in tropical places. Just consider this question: would you feel more confident sunning on the beaches of Cancun, Mexico than just window shopping in your hometown near Oklahoma City? Surely, most of us read those weight loss success stories and some of them mentioned vacationing in general (or even used past vacation photos) to lose the excess baggage.

#1: Health

What is the number one thing that drives most people to lose weight in the first place? They do it for the sake of their health.

Well, imagine that you are as big as a baby elephant (not exaggerating a bit here). You go for your checkup and found out that you weigh a few hundred pounds. The doctor warned you that you will live a shorter life. That worries you, because you fear that you won’t see your little kids grow up.

Well, that’s the harsh reality of obesity, folks. Doctors blame it for gout, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and so on. That’s why many who write their stories on their weight loss progresses are inspired to go on their journeys. They mentioned the wake-up calls they heard from the doctors’ clinics.

So, I conclude with this question. This is the question that you should ask yourself if you want the spare tire disposed of. What motivates you to lose the weight?