Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sample EFT Script for Big FAT Parties and Gatherings!

Ahhhhh, social eating…what better time to gorge on food than a good reason to use it as a way of celebrating? Every Thanksgiving, a family dishes out a spread of roasted turkey, side dishes, and desserts. Also, many a caterer would serve a huge spread of finest foods and a big, fondant-covered cake for a friend’s wedding. Oh, and some mother out there gives children and adults alike cake and ice cream during a kids birthday party.

Well, what do Christmas Eve soirees, wedding receptions at super-expensive hotels, and of course, company picnics have in common? They all have huge spreads of food, and most of them can derail your weight loss goals.

With foods spread out on monster buffets like Thanksgiving dinners and Sunday brunches, it’s easy to gain pounds that way. That is especially true if you are a fast eater or have had memories of someone watching you eat each bite and criticize your weight at the same time.

Well, there are great ways to stop yourself from pigging out: choose nutritious dishes, step away from the buffet, have a filling snack of protein/good fats/fiber, and sip a glass of water. It’s a good idea to plan ahead of the event, but my sample EFT script would do just the trick.

If you are faced with an upcoming event that you strongly associate with food, be it a Thanksgiving meal or a corporate banquet, try some EFT tapping before the event. (You can do this twice each day and hours before it if you wish.) You can use your own words to fit the mood and time.

Setup I

Even though I am going to pig out and go overboard with all that food, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and that’s OK!

Even though I feel that the event is the right time to shove all that delicious food in my face, it’s OK to accept the feeling and I deeply love and honor myself anyway.

Even though I’m going to eat all that food and eat till I gain a ton and I feel like not giving those foods up, I consciously and profoundly love and accept myself.

Negative Reminder Phrases I

Look at all that food!
Those dishes are so delicious!
It’s impossible to lose weight with all that food!
I just can’t wait to eat it all!
I know I shouldn’t do this!
I know I will gain weight…
But the spread is so wide!
It’s so wide that I can stuff it all in my face!
Those foods really look delicious!
My mouth is watering!
The foods look very appetizing!
It’s impossible to lose weight with all that delicious food!
But I can’t help it!
I can’t help but dive into each and every dish!
I really can’t help it if I take big portions of everything!
I’m itching for a meal with all that food right now!

Take a deep breath and think back to why you want to overindulge in the first place. Maybe you are a fast eater. Or maybe it’s because some relative who wants you to be thin monitored what you put in your plate. She wants you to be thin, and you fear that pigging out can make you a failure to her. Rate how you past experiences affected the way you eat at gatherings from 0-10. Once done, here’s another example round for you.

Setup II

Even though (relative) wants me to be thin and I fear that I would overeat in front of her, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Even though she wants me at a perfect weight and I have to eat less just to impress her, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and choose to accept who I am.

Even though she watches every food and every bite I eat, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Negative Reminder Phrases II

She’s always on me!
(Relative) is on my back every party!
I have to eat so little just to impress her!
I am on a diet!
I have to weigh at a perfect weight!
I really want to please her!
She’s a perfectionist!
But I can’t help myself because the food is so good!
I can’t have seconds anymore!
I can’t have what I wanted to eat anymore!
She’s always on my back all the time!
She snitches on me when I eat too much!
She’s always a perfectionist!
She always admonishes me to watch my weight every single day!
I can’t enjoy eating at parties anymore!
I can’t enjoy eating with (relative) around!

Take a deep breath and continue tapping on the positive statements.

Positive Reminder Phrases

It’s OK to have those feelings.
All those thoughts of overeating are parts of me.
I choose to release them.
I choose to pick out what is healthy…
But I also choose little bits of what I wanted to eat…
I’m not depriving myself of anything.
I can be satisfied with what I have on my plate.
I enjoy the food on my plate.
I not only control what I eat…
But I also control how to eat it…
I savor every aspect of the meal…
I feel satisfied and happy.
I choose to have a bit of what I want to eat.
I choose to let my negative feelings go.
I decide to nourished and satisfied with food.
I am in complete control of myself.

If you have done the second round, tap on the following phrases.

Positive Reminder Phrases II

I don’t care what anyone says about me.
I accept who I am!
I am wonderful, no matter my size or weight!
I feel good, regardless of how I weigh!
I won’t let (relative) stop me from living my life!
Nobody is perfect!
I know that everybody makes mistakes!
I accept my body!
It doesn’t matter how much I weigh!
It doesn’t matter how heavy I am!
I choose to accept myself, whether I’m fat or not!
(Relative) will not stop me from enjoying the party!
I’m not bothered by her snide remarks and comments!
I won’t let her words and eyes bother me!
I accept who I am!
I love myself no matter what!

Take a deep breath and reassess your level of pain. Tap on the problem more if it hasn’t come down from 0-1.

Here's another sample script!

Anyways, enjoy your gatherings!

(Oh, and one MTT site has some samples of reminder phrases and setup affirmations on social eating. It's specific to the holidays, but you can apply it to any event you know where there will be lots of food.)

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