Monday, November 8, 2010

Top 3 Weight Loss Motivators

People lose weight for a lot of good reasons. They want to beat the odds of their family history of cardiovascular diseases. They want to fit in their form-fitting bottoms they desire to wear. They want to shape up so they won’t be either fat boys or girls at their friends’ weddings.

Since there are too many reasons to list, here are my top 3 weight loss motivators.

#3: The Amusement/Theme/Water Park

Imagine that you are going to that roller coaster you intend to go to in an amusement park. You sit down, but you find that the lap bars don’t fit you. Despite help from attendants, you leave the ride, feeling sorry for yourself and gorging on churros for comfort.

The same is true with water parks. You go to a water slide, but find that the lifeguards escort you because you weigh more than the maximum for your tube. You lounge depressingly near the wave pool, eating a monster funnel cake to make up for the hurt.

In an amusement or theme park, almost anything goes in clothing, especially if it’s open year round. But the water park requires a different set of garments altogether. A visitor has to wear a bathing suit, preferably shirtless. In fact, most rides require you to go shirtless. That’s problematic for most people who are highly overweight or obese.

Most people who experienced the same scenarios played over and over again each year use their experiences to just get off their couches or eat huge amounts of greens. One person did just that for a highly popular ride at a theme park in Orlando, Florida (before having "modified seating" on it).

What if that sign only applies to fat Muggles riding Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey? (I took this before Universal's Islands of Adventure installed modified seating!)

#2: The Staycation/Full Vacation

Staycations are just vacations at home, right? Well, I beg to differ – they can include local places too. But how are they problematic for obese people? Staycations depend on locations of their residences, and it’s even worse if they live near a public beach or an aforementioned amusement, water, or theme park. (That’s because they either have to wear bathing suits or squeeze into tight places.)

But full vacations are just as worse, especially if locations happen to be in tropical places. Just consider this question: would you feel more confident sunning on the beaches of Cancun, Mexico than just window shopping in your hometown near Oklahoma City? Surely, most of us read those weight loss success stories and some of them mentioned vacationing in general (or even used past vacation photos) to lose the excess baggage.

#1: Health

What is the number one thing that drives most people to lose weight in the first place? They do it for the sake of their health.

Well, imagine that you are as big as a baby elephant (not exaggerating a bit here). You go for your checkup and found out that you weigh a few hundred pounds. The doctor warned you that you will live a shorter life. That worries you, because you fear that you won’t see your little kids grow up.

Well, that’s the harsh reality of obesity, folks. Doctors blame it for gout, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and so on. That’s why many who write their stories on their weight loss progresses are inspired to go on their journeys. They mentioned the wake-up calls they heard from the doctors’ clinics.

So, I conclude with this question. This is the question that you should ask yourself if you want the spare tire disposed of. What motivates you to lose the weight?

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