Thursday, November 11, 2010

What the Heck is EFT (and How to Use it to Lose Weight)?

I first used EFT (that’s Emotional Freedom Technique) when I had pain in my left gum. I stumbled across one woman’s story on one website how she numbed the same pain by tapping on her body parts. I thought to myself, Hey, let’s give it a shot, shall we? The method worked wonderfully!

Thus, I decided to pass the method to you, the readers (most of whom want to lose those spare tires). When used effectively, EFT can override or break down those emotional blocks that contribute to disease and other bad stuff in your body. Those emotional blocks include memories of your mother constantly spanking you as a child, domestic abuse, or a recent death in the family or friendship circle. It works like acupuncture, without the needles, because you are targeting those “energy meridians” on your body.

But the specific emotional blocks are the lack of willpower to lose weight, the emotional disability to lose weight, and the lack of motivation to lose weight. They keep you from eating the right foods (such as plenty of fruits, vegetables, legumes, lean poultry, fatty fish, and whole flutin’ grains). Thus, you reach for that jelly-filled Berliner (a German donut) instead of an apple. Also, they keep you from exercising, thus you slouch and watch a marathon of television shows.

Learning the EFT tapping game is pretty simple, but first, let’s get onto the setup.

Setting Up

First of all, think of what’s troubling you. It can be a craving for a particular foodstuff that has minimal nutritional value (like milk chocolate). Or, it can be that feeling of tiredness that keeps you from exercising. Then, rate the intensity of your problem from 1-10, with 10 as the most troubling.

Next, locate your Karate Chop point (Some people want to rub their “sore spot,” but for simplicity, I’m using the Karate Chop point.) and start the “set up.” There are two types of doing the setup.

1.      Tap the spot while saying the statement three times (Example: “Even if that boy in the hallway at school calls me ‘fat,’ I deeply and completely love and accept myself.)
2.      Tap that spot while saying three affirming statements. (Example: “Even though my mother calls me fat…even though she padlocks the fridge because she thinks I’m eating too much…even though I feel that I’m on a ‘diet…’”)

Make sure you start each statement with “Even though…” and an affirming phrase, with emphasis. A simple “I deeply and completely accept myself" would suffice.

The Karate Chop Point
The Sequence

Next, tap on the spots in order: eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, under the mouth, collarbone, under the arm, and top of the head. Assign a reminder phrase for each point. You can use the same reminder phrase on each point, and that’s fine. Start with the negative phrases first. Next, do another round of tapping those points. This time, say the positive reminder phrases while doing this.

The Sequence (I Numbered them for Reference)

Not Feeling Better?

Reassess your level of intensity. If it comes down to 0, that’s great! If it comes down quite a bit, do the set up addressing the remaining magnitude of your problem and tap additional rounds of reminder phrases (negative to positive). Then reassess again.

I know that you feel that EFT is not for everyone, but try it - it may work for you. If you are really emotionally troubled, seek a therapist before trying.

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