Friday, February 4, 2011

When to Use the Full Sequence and the 9-Gamut Point

You tap on yourself when a food craving hits you or when you resist going to the gym when someone drags you. You feel that the problem did not fully subside, so you have to either cave into that food that is unhealthy or go to the gym with that I-hate-exercise look on your face.

Well, if you are that person or if you want to go beyond the basic EFT tapping sequence, you may want to try the full sequence and the 9-Gamut Point.

I taught you previously how to do the basic one. Tap on the karate chop point or rub the sore spot (I’m a fan of the former) and say that even if you have that problem, you deeply and completely love and accept yourself. Then you tap on the eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, under the mouth, collarbone, under the arm, and top of the head while saying attributes of the problem.

But if you want to decrease that urge to eat that pie or to really motivate yourself to exercise, you may need more tapping points on your round. Between doing the underarm and top of the head points (while following through the basic sequence to the T), tap the following body parts in sequence: below the breast in line with the nipple, the side of the thumb, pointer finger, middle finger, and pinky (latter three close to the thumb) in line with the base of the fingernail, and the karate point.

Courtesy of Marcus Wieman

After adding those points, you can tap on the 9-Gamut Point. It’s the point between the knuckle and the crease where the pinky and ring finger meet.

While tapping it, close your eyes, open them, look diagonally down to the right while keeping the head still, look in the opposite direction in the same manner, circle your eyes clockwise and then in the other direction, hum 2 seconds of a song (I prefer “Happy Birthday” because it’s much easier on you.), count rapidly from 1 to 5, and hum 2 seconds of a song again.

I suggest that you do this when you are faced with a problem that requires you to go beyond the basic sequence. Maybe you had faced a lot of verbal lashings from your mother on how fat you are. Maybe you really want to stay home when someone drags you to the gym to exercise. By going above and beyond the basic tapping points, you’ll find that you’ll solve the problem more effectively.