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Not Another EFT Tapping for Exercise Motivation Part 2: Suggestions on Tapping on Self-Looks at the Gym

Here's one of the classic "I hate exercise" excuses made by many obese/overweight people: you have to wear all those baggy clothes and exercise to look like their fellow peers.

Over the times I have been working out at the local gym, women-only, I have seen fat people in tanks and jazz pants work out alongside me and they and I have been happy about it. But I feel for those who are moping in those extra large or even large T-shirts and sweats who envy those in flattering tank tops and jazz pants. (Leotards, unitards, solid-color footless tights, legwarmers and high-leg, panty-like bottoms are so 80's.)

The same generally with most of the fat men who pack the gyms any time of year (not just after Thanksgiving, Christmas, or weeks before summer). They envy the ripped muscles in sleeveless shirts or even without them while wearing king-size ones.

Well, one EFT practitioner used a method to effectively use the method for those who hate going to the gym because they have to always be subjected to baggy shirts: dumping, dreaming, and deciding. She calls it the "growing up method." Once you do the usual assessment on how you feel, follow those three easy steps.

Step 1: Dumping

Dumping is when you let your negative feelings out. Let's say that you are an overweight person who goes to a gym filled with much thinner, toned members. Your intensity of envy for sleeker clothes is a 10, so you may start out with this setup:

Even though I feel so miserable that I have to be the only one in a baggy shirt among those who wear tank tops, I deeply and completely love and appreciate myself just as is.
Even though the sight of bike shorts and camisoles makes me so guilty to work out as a fat person...
Even though I'm ugly wearing those sweats while there are beautiful ladies in tanks around me...
Then, you may tap on the meridian points while saying things that make you angry, such as:

I can't exercise with women around me!
They are all wearing tank tops and I'm the one wearing sweats!
I don't have the body to fit in!

Then, assess the issue. If it's a 5-6, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Dreaming

In this step, you wonder what you can do to resolve your conflict by tapping and wondering. Your explore possibilities to seek out resolutions. Here are a few setup affirmations:

Even though I still have to be a slave to baggy shirts, what if I can just get on with my workout?
Even though tank top-wearing ladies in the gym make me so envious, I wonder if it's just a thought.
Even though I'm a pudgy fatty working out with women in those bra-like, midriff-baring tops, wouldn't it be nice if I can just focus on my workout instead?

Next, tap the sequence by saying something that makes you think on how you can resolve your issue:

What if the sight of tank top-wearing, thin women are just like me...
People who are willing to work out...
Wouldn't it be nice to focus on myself and not them?
Wouldn't it be great if I focus on how I'm doing with my exercises...
Not on what others wear compared to me?

Step 3: Deciding

If your intensity comes down to at most a 3, it's time for you to start choosing to resolve your problem. Here are a few setup sentences to start the next round.

Even though I still have this remaining resentment towards my body and that envy towards the fitter people at the gym, I decided to let those people do their own workouts and leave them alone.
Even though I'm jealous at all the camisole-wearing ladies at the gym, I choose to focus on my workouts.
Even though I have to wear those baggy clothes until I'm slimmer, I choose to appreciate every aspect of myself.

Tap the sequence by saying some phrases, one on each point

Gym is not a fashion show....
And I decided to know that.
I choose to assure myself that clothes don't matter...
What really matters is my own workout. 

I hope those suggestions on affirmations and reminder phrases can help you get to the gym, without thoughts of being a Gulliver around ladies in tank tops and booty shorts.

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