Purposes of My Blog

Many people want to lose weight, and that is true because a lot of us are eight overweight or obese. One way to get them motivated is to blog about it.

Well, I'm seasoned in blogging, and before writing this one, I thought to myself, why not apply blogging to your life? So, I created this blog to motivate me. My purpose in losing the fat in me is to reward myself with a day-trip to Adventure Island, a water park in my local area of Tampa.

But I wanted my blog to be unique - I decided to create some posts that are useful to my readers.  As a person who practices EFT regularly, I decided to make some posts on using it to reach my readers' weight loss goals and management. Also, I write posts on water parks and people "at large."

So, those are the purposes of my blog.  I'm not losing weight just to look beautiful in a swimsuit (I prefer one-piece), but to set an example of those reading it, my area, and the whole world.